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A result-driven value proposition for the Banking sector

This rapidly evolving sector is undergoing major changes due to an environment where regulatory requirements are constantly adapting to societal needs. The digital revolution led to the emergence of digital banking and raised the expectations of clients who now who interact with their bank through different channels and whose behavior has radically changed thanks to technological advancement.

Digital transformation, innovation and automation are happening fast. Sopra Steria assists banks along the complete value chain, from strategy to operations, empowering them to meet the digital new normal. Over time, we have built in-depth industry knowledge and developed banking solution that are transforming the industry. Our knowledge helps customers to innovate, improve and develop.

What can we contribute?

Sopra Steria Group and Sopra Banking Software provide comprehensive solutions and turn changes in the banking world into opportunities for their clients, in risk management, regulatory compliance or data protection, improving client experience, optimising performance, delivering differentiators against competitors and identifying new sources of revenue for our customers.

Digital Enablers:

Regulatory Compliance, Risk Management, Open Banking, Digitalisation, Automation, Artificial Intelligence



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