Energy & Utilities

Energy & Utilities

We work to ensure a competitive and sustainable energy sector through smart digital solutions

The energy sector is facing a major transformation: directives set by all European countries come with a decarbonisation policy to break away from nuclear energy and move towards renewable and eco-responsible energies such as wind, photovoltaic, hydraulic and biomethane. We are amidst a green shift, where technology can play an important role in reducing climate change.

The industry in Europe is in fierce competition and is experiencing considerable cost pressure. Achieving success depends on globalisation of deliveries, streamlined operations, optimised work processes and sound knowledge management. Efficient and innovative technology is essential to meet the challenges that the industry is facing.

What can we contribute?

Our global Energy & Utilities practice capitalises on expertise across Sopra Steria Group domain centres in Benelux, France, Germany and the UK, and our service centres in India, Singapore, Poland and Morocco. Sopra Steria can help energy and utility organisations to develop their digital transformation strategy considering existing business conditions, regulatory pressures, technical competence, and customer proximity. Our know-how in the energy sector is reflected in virtuous partnerships with key players such as EDF, Veolia, ENGIE, Aker BP, EnBW and Enel.

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