S@fe Office: Manage a safe return to the office

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It is time for the European economy to restart. Public services and private companies must bring their staff back to premises while ensuring the safety of everyone and respecting the continuously changing sanitary requirements and guidelines. For management teams, it is a complex and sensitive mission. Nobody is prepared for such a challenge.

On one hand, office managers are confronted with ongoing changes in governmental, national/multi-national, and sectorial health requirements and recommendations. They need to be able to keep track of changing parameters, communicate in real time with staff and teams, be able to decide and be ready to re-lock premises for security reasons at any time.

On the other hand, up to date, employees had been critical of the way the crisis has been managed by their employer. According to the world economic forum, 70 percent of gig workers are unsatisfied with the support they received from their employers during the pandemic1. Furthermore, employees may not feel at ease yet with the conditions upon return to their office premises and the solutions provided by their employers.

In this context, S@feOffice support you and your teams ensuring a secure and smooth transition from the safety of homeworking to compliant and safe office premises. S@feOffice is composed of an application, a guiding pack, and workshops to guide you and your teams through the transition. It allows public services and private companies to manage the return to operations by allowing staff to get real time information, report on their activity and planning, easily book slots at the office, among others via desktop or mobile app.


Our approach:

During an online workshop, we will co-design the project and model different parameters such as national and sector guidelines, office maps, open spaces, corridors, staff lists, catering facilities, cleaning services, among others. This first step will allow us to understand your needs, share best practices and tailor-make a solution that suits your specific requirements.

Once modelled, the application will support the daily functioning of your company.

  • Senior Management, Site and operations Managers will have access to a situation dashboard and can at any time issue alerts and warnings to all staff in a matter of seconds. Additionally, via the dashboard, managers will be able to follow up on employees’ requests to come to the office, according to the rules defined in the first step.
  • Staff will be able to book working slots at the office, receive real-time news, inform management of their health status/business availability, and much more.

The S@feOffice solution is already available in several environments (on premises or in a Cloud environment), via a user-friendly and secure interface.

1 Josephine Moulds, “Gig workers among the hardest hit by coronavirus pandemic,” World Economic Forum, April 21, 2020.


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S@fe Office: Manage a safe return to the office