We created a data strategy for Bleckmann

Bleckmann aimed to maximize the impact of their data on the entire organization through a clear data strategy that focuses on the most impactful projects over the next years. ​


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Bleckmann is a third-party logistics expert for omnichannel commerce for fashion & lifestyle market segments. With activities at over 30 fulfilment centers in Belgium, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States, and partnerships in Asia, Bleckmann delivers on the promises of its clients on a global scale.​

Python Predictions has collaborated with Bleckmann to create a data strategy that is aligned with their business strategy and that captures the most strategic data projects over the next 2.5 years to grow their internal data capabilities and to become an intelligent data-driven organization. ​

In this roadmap, we have focused on:​

  • Involvement of and consensus with C-level, upper and middle management to determine the highest-impact projects.​
  • An actionable roadmap that details the 8 most valuable and strategic projects. These projects are chosen to have a rapid return on investment and optimal use of scarce data resources while growing internal data capabilities to accelerate even further. ​
  • A new way of work that fosters growth towards becoming an intelligent data-driven organization that uses data to drive decisions and improve processes at all levels in the organization. ​