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Sopra Steria and Telenet Business are joining forces and expertise in a remarkable alliance to steer the digital transformation of companies and organizations. This strategic collaboration marks a milestone in the evolution of digital infrastructure and work environments in Belgian businesses.


"We can no longer ignore hybrid working. Companies had to quickly devise solutions during the pandemic to enable remote work, yet many underutilize the potential of digital work environments. Eurostat research reveals that a staggering 60% of companies do not adequately utilize collaboration tools, 30% are familiar with the basics, and only 10% fully embrace them. These are indeed surprising figures . We often speak of the digital divide, and it exists within companies as well. Many companies need professionalization, especially in terms of network solutions, reliable connectivity at home, on the go, and in the office, cybersecurity, collaboration, and secure data storage," says Geert Degezelle, CCO of Telenet Business.


"We also see another trend: companies no longer want to handle their ICT 'internally.' Digital advancements are happening so rapidly that business leaders are turning to external experts to advise them digitally and even to implement and manage systems. This allows them to focus on the core business of the company," notes Jo Geeraerts, Business Director Digital Platform Services of Sopra Steria.


With the recent award of a tender from Lantis, the developer of the Oosterweel connection in Antwerp, for the development of a 'modern workplace' and cloud solutions, the collaboration between Sopra Steria and Telenet Business positions itself as a pioneer in the sector. The focus is on providing ICT support to Lantis, addressing both hybrid working and the complex collaboration requirements inherent in the 'project of the century.'

"We chose Sopra Steria/Telenet Business because of the price/quality ratio. Additionally, this collaboration brought about a radical change in terms of the data center. It has been completely transitioned to the cloud, a 'megamove' for a player like Lantis. Security is also crucial, if not the most important, as it poses a significant corporate risk. It is crucial that Lantis' IT platform remains operational at all times to ensure the continuity of the projects. And we achieve this through this partnership," says Yanissa De Jonghe, ICT manager of Lantis.


Secure cloud applications facilitate flexible working on-site or remotely, even from abroad. Telenet Business provides the fixed network for both the headquarters and various construction sites, as well as internal network and external connectivity, including on-site.


Market demands are becoming increasingly complex, leading to collaborations like the one between Sopra Steria and Telenet Business, which pool various expertise. Therefore, Sopra Steria and Telenet Business enter into a collaboration agreement for at least two years.


"Companies now more than ever realize that bridging the digital divide is a necessity. Younger employees expect a state-of-the-art digital infrastructure from their employers, influencing the war on talent. Simultaneously, it addresses the desire for greater efficiency and security within organizations and companies. With this collaboration, we are perfectly positioned to help close this gap," concludes Geert Degezelle of Telenet Business.



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