Remote Work Security Assessment

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Service Description

As the modern working environment changes and evolves, organizations across nearly every sector are adjusting their operating models, resulting increased remote access and work. This turn to remote work is also linked with a major rise in cyber attacks.

Sopra Steria  will assess the organizational and technical aspects of your remote access and telework solutions to identify any vulnerability that may pose a significant risk for your organization.

Organizations will gain visibility about remote work infrastructure, related policies, security controls and possible weak points.

A final report will include a tailored, actionable recommendations that will reduce risk, and minimize the likelihood, impact, and cost of a security incident caused by misconfigured or compromised remote work solution.

The duration of the assignment is 5 working days.


Methodology and Deliverables

  • Organizational Gap Analysis consists of 2 phases that will run in parallel: a documentation review and interviews. Sopra Steria Cyber Security Consultants will collect and analyze the current security policies and documentation related to remote working. Interviews with employees responsible for the remote solutions will be planned to assess your organization security standing against remote work best practices. The duration of the Organizational Gap Analysis is 3 days.
  • Technical Assessment consists of Reconnaissance, Mapping and Vulnerability Analysis of the external infrastructure related to remote access. Sopra Steria Cyber Security Consultants will perform active and passive reconnaissance, mapping and vulnerability scanning to identify the external attack surface, potential misconfiguration, exposed services and vulnerable components. The duration of the Technical Assessment is 3 days.
  • The final Report includes an executive summary, the detailed results of the above assessments and actionable recommendations. The final Report will be delivered 2 days after the completion of the assessment.



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Remote Work Security Assessment