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Managed File Transfer (MFT): Modernise your Managed File Transfer to empower your Business Growth

Take advantage of API-enriched MFT to secure and expand services, simplify operations and reduce business risks

You most likely rely on Managed File Transfer (MFT) to support 80% of critical business processes like payments, claims, orders, enrollments, loan and credit origination, and e-submission for various approvals.

The modern MFT infrastructure must be flexible, secure, and adaptive — satisfying existing legacy processes while supporting new channels, methods, and consumption models such as mobile applications, API-first integration, Cloud and Hybrid infrastructure, DevOps for product lifecycle management, on-demand use, and ever-increasing data volumes and concurrency. 

Axway and Sopra Steria propose you to modernise your current MFT set-up with the high-end MFT-as-a-service, including easy to deploy and to use shared solutions and services. This new approach brings process and infrastructure visibility, agility, and security throughout your digital ecosystem — business line employees, IT, developers, vendors, and partners. 

Deployed for many European and Global companies, this advanced approach has reduced up to 90% of flow creation and deployment time, decreased IT staff involvement while increasing agility and revenue contribution.

Interested? Please read this brochure and let us get in touch to start a modernisation journey!

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