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Large companies and administrations are undergoing profound changes. They are redefining their positioning and their value contribution, adapting to their environment and changing their working methods in agile, short cycle, test & learn approaches. More and more demanding customers and stakeholders, a tight competitor landscape and the need for continual innovation at an ever-increasing speed are piling on the pressure to succeed, but all too often consultancy led projects fail to deliver on their promises and end up showing little visible result. 

With nearly 3,400 consultants in Europe, we help our clients to initiate, frame and deploy their major digital transformation projects on an enterprise-wide scale. 

What do we contribute?

When it comes to digital transformation, at Sopra Steria, we believe that a strategic vision is only worthwhile if it is actionable. We draw on our knowledge of our clients and the reality on the ground to design digital transformation strategies that are truly actionable and that produce concrete and sustainable benefits for the company, its employees and its clients.

Our uniqueness is therefore our pragmatic way of doing things, in lasting proximity to our clients. We do not impose a model or a methodology. We take into account their context, their challenges and their culture in order to constantly adjust our recommendations based on their feedback and that of their clients and partners.

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