Code of Conduct

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What is the Sopra Steria Group Code of Conduct?

The Code of Conduct sets out the Group’s policy for preventing and fighting corruption and influence-peddling.

It lists and describes the various types of behaviour to be adopted by all members of staff, both internally and with our stakeholders. It also acts as a point of reference to guide you in your decisions.

The Code of Conduct is not intended to provide an answer to every ethical question that may arise. It lays down the fundamental rules and guidelines that should govern all your decisions. Additional information may sometimes be needed to gain a better understanding of a particular subject.

The rules set out in this Code do not replace the national and international legislation and regulations that apply in each country, with which the Group complies insofar as these rules are more stringent.

If need be, the principles of this Code can be adapted, clarified or supplemented in consideration of local legislation and regulations, or where there are other codes or charters that apply locally.


Whom does this Code concern?

Each and every one of us, without exception. It applies to all directors, managers, staff, and company officers of Sopra Steria and the companies under its control.

All Group staff members, regardless of their role and geographic location, and all company officers, are personally responsible for implementing the values and principles set out in this Code and following the rules specified. This Code is disseminated across the entire Group, including via the intranet and at training sessions.

Managers have a particularly important role concerning their teams in terms of upholding the Code of Conduct, as they must exemplify its values, promote awareness, follow the rules, and ensure that others follow the rules.

Therefore, everyone is responsible for reading and taking on board this Code, and demonstrating judgement and common sense when responding to the various situations that may arise.


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Code of Conduct