Sopra Steria present at FLY AI webinar organised and moderated by EUROCONTROL.

Brussels, | minute read

During the 6th edition of FLY AI, Julien Deblander – Data Scientist at Sopra Steria and consultant at EUROCONTROL presented an AI based document classification for cybersecurity.

The webinar “AI for cyber and cyber for AI” aimed at explaining how AI is improving cybersecurity and how we can use AI to counter AI-powered cyber-attacks. It lined up a panel of AI experts from different aviation organisations to help explain how to strengthen aviation’s cyber-resilience using AI and discuss existing innovative AI/ML solutions to address cyber threats. 

A key expert in the panel was Sopra Steria’s data scientist and AI/ML expert Julien Deblander. Specializing in Natural Language Processing, Deblander presented an AI based document classification for cybersecurity that will have a key role in mitigating cyber risk in aviation. This solution has been designed to support a more effective and less human resource-intense detection of leaked sensitive documents and information.

If you missed it, you can watch Julien’s intervention and the rest of the webinar here. You can find the slide deck here