Sopra Steria integrates generative AI tools into its development platforms

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Sopra Steria, a major Tech player in Europe, is stepping up its efforts in the field of AI and investing heavily in generative AI. In particular, the Group will merge all its tools into a single platform called Ingine.

Generative AI has the potential to significantly impact productivity and performance in a number of areas. Recognising the paradigm shift brought about by this technological revolution, and building on its previous AI experience, Sopra Steria is ramping up its investments in artificial intelligence, which are coordinated through a cross-disciplinary programme aimed at promoting the adoption of AI within the company and assisting clients in developing reliable solutions.

Its investments target the following priorities:

  • Rapidly integrating AI technologies throughout the software engineering business in order to optimise software development and maintenance.
  • Establishing a European skills hub bringing together AI experts in order to build up comprehensive expertise in the field.
  • Being able to support Sopra Steria’s clients as they implement and roll out generative AI in their processes.
  • Working in close cooperation with Sopra Steria’s partners to implement the best technological solutions combining research, classic AI, and generative AI.
  • Preparing for and checking compliance with the ethical standards and regulations required to implement AI solutions.

Boosting productivity and improving collaborative work

Sopra Steria will bring together all of its AI-related methods and tools in order to expand the capabilities of its software engineering platform, Ingine. This expanded platform will cover all collaborative software, code generation and testing tools, in particular. Its aim will be to boost productivity, reduce time to market, and enhance the quality of software solutions developed for clients. Ingine is already available to all of the Group’s 10,000 developers worldwide. It will subsequently be made available to all Group employees.

Mohamed Sijelmassi, Chief Technology Officer at Sopra Steria, commented: “AI is a key component of our industry and has been an integral part of our solutions for over 5 years. The recent acceleration in this field has led us to merge our existing activities and commission our tools and methodologies on a single platform. Ingine is a highly scalable platform that will enable our teams, in addition to our 4,000 Data and AI experts, to fully assimilate AI, so that we can increase our productivity and deliver faster results for our customers.”


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Sopra Steria integrates generative AI tools into its development platforms