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Towns, cities and global territories face common challenges but seek to bring different answers that take account of their own history and their local identity: there is no single model of a smart city but they are all innovative and service-oriented cities. For Sopra Steria, the so-called «Smart» strategies must rely on the local genetics of the territories, using digital technologies to outline tomorrow’s city.

The Smart City uses digital technology to improve citizens’ quality of life and for economically sustainable development. It reinvents services, which are enhanced through a more efficient use of resources and through more economic and environmentally-friendly practices.

These actions concern the city’s performance in terms of operating, optimising urban mobility, developing a digital economy, encouraging citizen participation and constructing a pleasant and environmentally-friendly city.

Sopra Steria, along with the cities and operators that provide the necessary services, is developing innovative solutions—from consulting to hosting, to software integration and publishing.

There isn’t only one model of the Smart City for Sopra Steria, there are many Smart Cities; each has a different approach that depends on the city, its history, geography and culture—in other words, its DNA.


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Smart Cities: Imagining the city of tomorrow together