FPS BOSA SD Awards 4-year Framework Contract to Sopra Steria and Tobania

Brussels, | minute read

Brussels, 03 July 2023

Sopra Steria and Tobania have been entrusted with a four-year multi-institution framework contract at FPS BOSA SD. The contract encompasses the corrective and evolutionary maintenance of key applications, as well as the integration of existing and new online applications, components, and reusable elements into the FPS BOSA SD ecosystem.

FPS BOSA SD's decision to place its trust in Sopra Steria and Tobania has demonstrated the power of their combined capabilities and strategic alignment, strengthening their position in the public sector. With a track record of multiple framework contracts in recent years, both Sopra Steria and Tobania have established themselves as a reliable partner in the digitisation of Belgian Federal Public Services. Together, they leverage strategic expertise and previous involvement in critical platforms like eBox. This newly formed partnership is becoming the preferred choice for the design and development of services, operational and infrastructure support, and software procurement and maintenance for FPS BOSA SD.

FPS BOSA SD, the General Directorate for Digital Transformation of the Federal Public Service BOSA, is committed to the Digital Transformation and Administrative Simplification of the Belgian government. Through integration, synergy, and innovation, the administration aims to provide fast, transparent, user-friendly, efficient, and reliable services to the Belgian government, its employees, and ultimately its citizens. This framework contract plays a crucial role in fulfilling this objective.

Under the contract, Sopra Steria and Tobania will provide support and extend the evolutionary maintenance of key applications such as IAF, eLoket, and eBox. Additionally, the companies will integrate existing and new online applications, components, and reusable elements into the FPS BOSA SD ecosystem, while ensuring ongoing maintenance and adaptability to evolving technical frameworks.

“In recent years, we have built on a strong foundation to develop ourselves into a reliable advisor and consulting partner in order to support BOSA's strategic objectives”, says Thierry Parquet, Business Unit Director at Tobania.Development. Hans Cromphout, Public Sector Director at Sopra Steria adds: "Our combined expertise, synergies, and strategic alignment will enable us to deliver exceptional services and drive the digitalisation of Belgian Federal Public Services even further. It is exciting to witness Sopra Steria and Tobania operating as one company. The field of opportunities is growing tremendously across all stakeholders.”