Design Thinking Workshop: Sustainability Integration in a Changing World

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As you delve further into your sustainability transformation journey, you might be wondering how to seamlessly integrate sustainability into the decision-making processes across various departments.

Are you currently grappling with questions on how to effectively manage your extra-financial reporting (ESG reporting) or navigate normative pressures? Perhaps you're pondering the need to proactively anticipate the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).

Additionally, have you explored strategies to ensure the secure collection of sustainability-related data? Are you considering methods to accurately calculate carbon emissions across the three scopes or transition from relying on averages (LCA databases) to utilizing real-time data?

In a society that must ensure its sustainability and preserve the environment, this concept has become a critical imperative for organizations wishing to demonstrate resilience and seeking to remain competitive. Our workshop will guide you through the principles of Design Thinking, empowering you to rethink your business processes, optimize operations, and accelerate growth through different tools.

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Why Attend Design Thinking Workshop?

  • Introduction to Sustainability within organizations: Gain insights into current market trends and challenges and discover how sustainability can be a catalyst for your organization's success.
  • Design Thinking for Sustainability: Immerse yourself in the Design Thinking methodology and learn how this user-centric approach can ignite innovation, solve complex problems, and uncover new opportunities for your organization.
  • Interactive Sessions with Sustainability Specialists: Engage with our Sustainability consultants who will share expertise and best practices to help you harness the power of SAP Sustainability and maximize the benefits of your digital transformation.

We understand that Sustainability integration within organizations is a complex and demanding journey. That's why our Design Thinking workshop has been carefully crafted to provide you with deep insights, practical guidance, and inspiring perspectives to make your road to sustainability a success.


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