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Public Sector


We make it easier for citizens to use public services

The government is speeding up the pace in the digitalisation of public services and eGovernance. Societal benefits of reducing duplication, delivering better and more easily accessible services to citizens are incalculable. Sopra Steria is proud to assist the largest public organisations in embracing digital change. Our services and expertise help create a better and more efficient digital everyday life for citizens across Benelux.

What can we contribute?

Sopra Steria has a long tradition as advice and technology partner for public sector organisations in achieving their ambition of new technology-enabled public administration and services. The basis for our strong position, nationally and internationally, is solid experience and knowledge built over more than 50 years’ dedication to the public sector.

Digital Enablers:

Biometrics, Tax & Customs Management, Intellectual Property Management, Identity Management (eID) and eCitizen, Public Budget Management, Legal Archiving, Data Management, Hybrid and Full Cloud Strategies, Information Security, service-oriented architecture (SOA), managed API platform and microservices.


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