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At Sopra Steria, we continually challenge the status quo to find a better result for our customers. We are visionary leaders who raise the bar in our markets.  We are bold and innovative, learning if things don’t go to plan. We work together - across our teams, sectors, service lines and with external partners -to get the best result for our customers. We have a positive attitude and take responsibility to deliver for our customers.

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Our People>

Our people are the key to our success. Meet us and find out why we enjoy working at Sopra Steria. Listen to, and watch, what some of our colleagues have to say about working at Sopra Steria...

Our Diversity>

Diversity brings enormous benefits to the workplace. We value the contribution that all of our people and relationships make to Sopra Steria’s success. We are a global team, whose expertise and cooperative approach helps us find real solutions to our clients' business challenges. Play a role in our team - use your insight and intellect to influence and lead. Sopra Steria offers you the environment to be outstanding. Diversity is our strength. In our recruitment and selection processes, you can be confident that our only aim to find the best person for the job.

Our Values>

The values of Sopra Steria form the basis of our fundamentals. They define the behaviors we want to share and embody on a daily basis. By respecting them, we present a united and strong collective.  

Our Values


Text Version of Our Values

Six values or nothing!

Our values guide our actions on a daily basis. Sharing these values allows us to better understand each other and work better together, regardless our profession. Our challenge to all: to live our values between ourselves and with our customers, by seeking exemplarity.

  • We demand from ourselves and others professional excellence in the exercise of our trades.
  • Each day, by performing our missions, we give the primacy of service to the customer.
  • We put the respect of the other at the heart of our behavior.
  • We mobilize our collective sense to succeed in our Project.
  • Openness and curiosity are valued because they allow us to progress together.
  • On a daily basis, we are focused on positive action.


Customer Focus>

  • Have a very close relationship with our customers.
  • Be ready to actively listen to customers to understand their challenges, targets and problems.
  • Be proactive, imaginative and convincing to provide customers with useful, suitable and innovative solutions.
  • Build a win-win relationship with our customers in the long-term.

These are the priorities in terms of our daily activity.   

Professional Excellence>

  • Put quality first Deliver innovative services that create added value for our customers.
  • Constantly enhance performance, renew our expertise and actively participate in all collective improvement programs.
  • Work methodically, diligently and consistently.

These factors emphasize our quest for perfection as we carry out our business.

Respect for Others>

  • Take an interest in and listen to others.
  • Communicate.
  • Respect the commitments made.
  • Encourage colleagues to develop their skills and talents.
  • Speak the truth, be bold enough to speak openly but while respecting others.

These are the basic principles that guide us in our behavior  

Team Spirit>

  • Represent the Group and share its fundamentals.
  • Be a team player and ensure cross-divisional cooperation.
  • Help establish a sense of unity, togetherness and community spirit on a daily basis.
  • Help to satisfy our customers complex requirements with a comprehensive approach.
  • Act in the Group and the team’s interests.

These are success conditions for our project

Willingness to Act Positively>

  • Be capable of making a decision.
  • Be capable of trusting others.
  • Act quickly and appropriately in all circumstances.
  • Strive to find an effective solution for any problems identified.
  • Set ambitious and realistic targets, and commit to exceeding these targets.
  • Be proactive.

These are all essential to be positive and effective

Openness & Curiosity>

  • Be open towards other people, their opinions, knowledge and experience.
  • Be flexible and capable of adapting, react quickly to new situations.
  • Continuously strive to understand and share developments in our environment and in our profession.
  • Actively contribute to internal and external networks and communities.

These qualities will enable us to make progress together

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"I’ve already built a strong sense belonging for the company and the Consulting Team. The off-site consulting day as well as the on-boarding event were very relevant to understand the values that drive the company’s culture and purpose."

Gabriel-Olivier Vanderweyen

Junior Business Analyst

Sopra Steria Team Ekiden 2018

Sopra Steria supports extra-curricular activities that allow our employees to socialize and develop outside the office. 

*Team Sopra Steria. Ekiden Run 2018