Business Unit Director

In Benelux, Sopra Steria Group represents more than 1200 employees and three complementary entities:

Sopra Steria Benelux composed of more than 300 employees, who will be able to contribute with its expertise to provide digital services in the following areas: Consulting, System Integration and Infrastructure management.

Sopra Banking Software which is the specialized entity for banking software.

Sopra HR Software which is specialized in publishing Human Resources management solutions.

Sopra Steria Benelux structure is composed of three Business Units: EU & Public sector BU, Domestic market BU and Luxembourg BU.


To serve the Belgian market is the role of the Domestic Market Business Unit which is composed of three agencies : “Financial services”, “Industry & Services” and “Infrastructure management”

We are currently looking for an “Agency Director” for our Industry & Services Agency (part of the Domestic Market BU), focused on Managed Services and Professional Services for our local customers in Industry, Utilities, Telco, Transportation and Life science sectors.

Your Objective:

Leading and managing the Industry&Services agency, continuously reviewing priorities relating to finance (operating account, profitability), sales (customer relationships, sales) people management (recruitment, motivation, training, development), delivery (resource management, surveillance, capitalization) and quality (compliance with the quality system), based on the economic context, and in keeping with the Business Unit development plan and with the Sopra Steria Group's values, strategies and policies.

Essential Responsibilities:

Sales / Delivery:

  • Implements the sales policy in synergy with other division entities and leads the Business Unit's sales team;
  • Facilitates the good implementation of contracts (resource management, quality, costs, deadlines, risk anticipation and management, customer satisfaction, capitalization), designates the agency's quality and security structure;
  • Adopts the surveillance management on a daily basis, performs this role, appoints surveillance directors for projects handled by the agency;
  • Delivery and Quality Management:
  • Defines the agency's budget with his/her teams;
  • Oversees the agency's operating account on a daily basis (forecasts, actual figures, invoicing, collections) in accordance with revenue and result goals;
  • Manages reporting for the agency;


  • Defines the agency's target vision and how to achieve it; develops short-, medium- and long-term activity and develops a high-level network of customer relations.
  • Generates new prospects and multi-business/BU cross-cutting synergies; contributes to the development of local awareness.
  • Collaborate in the global development of the Domestic Market BU with the two others agencies

People integration:

  • Motivates and coordinates the employees in his/her agency; identifies and develops the Sopra Steria Group’s future leaders;
  • Leads the agency’s management team; promotes and transfers knowledge of the Sopra Steria Group's project, values and fundamentals;
  • Promotes bottom-up and top-down communication, working to develop a motivating and positive work atmosphere within teams;
  • Identifies recruitment needs and manages the recruitment plan in accordance with HR policies; appoints and leads proximity managers;
  • Oversees the assessment and development of the agency's employees, sets goals for sales representatives;
  • Oversees HR action plans with the support of the HR Department, handles individual cases;


Your Profile:

Key behavioral, technical and functional skills: 

  • Ability to learn and command the Sopra Steria Group's overall portfolio and offers  solutions related to the agency’s activity;
  • Good command of sector and business challenges affecting the activity of the agency, especially the transport ad utilities sectors;
  • Results-oriented thinking: Decision-making skills
  • Leadership and management: Operational management;
  • Customer focus: Customer management;
  • HR focus: HR development;


  • Solid IT or consulting knowledge;
  • Recognized leadership, entrepreneurship;
  • Ability to ensure the development of employees and managers;
  • High-level customer relations, economic management.


Minimum experience > 8-12 years.



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