International Cybersecurity Forum: Security Intelligence Centre (SIC), code-as-a-service audit and Escape Challenge at the heart of Sopra Steria's participation

Lille Grand Palais, 23 and 24 January 2018

Paris, 10 January 2018

European leader in digital transformation and major cybersecurity provider Sopra Steria will be present at the International Cybersecurity Forum. The theme for the 10th edition of this flagship European exhibition will be Hyperconnectivity.

Wannacry, NotPetya… 2017 saw an unprecedented intensity of cyber threats! Financial losses attributed to these cyber attacks increased by 50% on average compared with 2016. There can be no doubt that 2018 will follow this pattern... Faced with highly organised groups of cyber criminals using ever more sophisticated attack strategies and techniques, companies must improve awareness of the threats and the vulnerabilities of their systems, applications and data.

Sopra Steria presents the Security Intelligence Centre (SIC) and code-as-a-service audit.

One year after the launch of its proactive and cognitive SOC, Sopra Steria confirms the importance of operational security based on intelligence and will be demonstrating their SIC, which combines:

  • intelligence management for the efficiency and proactivity of detection; 
  • artificial intelligence for speed and precision of investigation and reaction; 
  • vulnerability management with the Vulnerability Operations Centre (VOC), for improved awareness of your IS and improving prevention policies.

The VOC is based on the intuitive vulnerability scanning system Outpost24. This partner will be present alongside the SIC teams on the Sopra Steria stand. The earlier the identification of a threat upstream of the application cycle, particularly in development stages, the lower the cost for remediation. As the world's premier MSSP operator using the Checkmarx system, Sopra Steria will be presenting its platform and use cases of code-as-a-service audit.

An Escape Challenge to raise awareness of security best practices and discovering talent

An expert in IT vulnerability management, Sopra Steria is also concerned with raising awareness of security best practices among businesses and their employees. The cyber defence teams from Sopra Steria's Chartres-de-Bretagne site have been working with the ENSIBS to organise an Escape Challenge at the FIC, a new challenge combining an escape game and "Defend the flag" game. Find out more:


On 23 and 24 January on stand C12, the experts from Sopra Steria will be presenting use cases and demos of:

  • The SIC platform based on Threat Intelligence technologies and AI 
  • The VOC and vulnerability scan solutions with experts from Outpost24 
  • Code-as-a-service audit based on the Checkmarx solution 
  • Maintenance in Security Conditions (MCS) services, the SIEM GSEC demo and Innovation for Defence

On 24 January at 9 am in the "Challenges" area, go behind the scenes of the Escape Challenge with the Sopra Steria teams, their partners and the participants. Register with Sopra Steria's press department.